One Platform For All Your Online Orders

POS Solution


The revenue from 3rd party delivery services can be extremely profitable if your restaurant streamlines the operations with direct-to-POS integration. This will lower labor costs by eliminate the need for restaurant staff to manually enter orders and increase order accuracy.


 Eliminate Tablets

Remove the #tabletchaos from the counters at the hostess stand and at the register. This includes tablets breaking, not charging and not printing kitchen tickets.


Reduce Order Error

Send orders directly to the POS, eliminating the need for employees to manually enter the order information. Order accuracy will increase making customers happy and lowering food waste.


Focus on Customers

Focus on your in-house customers instead of managing multiple tablets. Now that free time allows you to make extra table touches and pay attention to the dine in loyal customers.


Dino and Santino’s - San Francisco, CA


 One Dashboard For All Your Data

  • The Your Fare Restaurant Portal allows your managers to access their order history, customer information and accounting data.

  • Receive daily reconciliation emails

  • Download the Data to any BI tool.

  • Gain visibility to all your locations data through one portal


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