Your Fare & InTouch POS

Your Fare and InTouch POS have partnered together to provide direct to point of sale integration for your 3rd party delivery services. Your Fare is an online ordering management platform. What we do is streamline all the 3rd party delivery services into one simple to manage platform. Our goal is to provide a balanced online ordering strategy marketing the restaurant online and owning the brand standards across every service. Today most restaurants using multiple 3rd party delivery services receive their order from a tablet. Managing these tablets and manually entering orders into the POS is a strain on employees during high volume hours leading to time not spent with dine in customers and order errors. Your Fare will send your orders directly to the POS so that orders will print directly into the kitchen.



This restaurant in San Francisco currently uses 15 different 3rd party delivery platforms and has to manage 7 different tablet devices. ChowNow, Eat24, Postmates, Amazon Restaurants, DoorDash, Caviar and GrubHub. Manually entering the orders takes time and errors with the order being correct.



Streamline all the tablets into one simple user friendly platform.Orders will be sent directly to the point of sale system and printed out through the kitchen printer. The YourFare tablet application provides backup and the functionality the point of sale cannot provide today like historical order searching.


Sign Up For 3rd Party Online Delivery Services

Allow your Account Manager to help provide the lowest commissions and get GrubHub, DoorDash, EatStreet, Clorder, Eat24, Caviar and Postmates live at your restaurants.


Integrate All Your Online Orders Directly To InTouch

Consolidate Your Tablets and streamline all of your online orders directly to the InTouch POS system. Provide Your Fare with access to your menu and the on-boarding team will handle the rest.


Provide Analytics To Drive Marketing Efforts

Track all the financials from one simple dashboard with accounting data, order history and customer information. Make decisions to increase frequency and spend of your online ordering customers.