The Online Ordering Button on a restaurants website is the first opportunity to allow people to order online directly from your restaurant.

Every restaurant is different, there are over 50 different online ordering solutions to choose when building your strategy to drive your customers to order directly from your website. There are several options to consider when choosing the correct solution for the restaurants website to facilitate takeout and delivery orders. A percentage revenue share is a pay to play model which means that the restaurant only shares a percentage of the revenue with the online ordering company when an order is placed. There are options to use your own delivery drivers, 3rd party delivery drivers or even only allow pickup. GrubHub charges 18% of total orders, if the restaurant accept $3,500 in orders then GrubHub will send the restaurant a check for $2,870 at the end of the month. When considering the monthly fee option there has to be an existing demand for the restaurants food online. We suggest using the percentage revenue share companies to build the demand for the restaurants food online.ChowNow charges $149 monthly fee or $1,788 annual charge, if the restaurant is operating at a 15% profit margin then the restaurant needs to receive at least $26,820 in revenue. Building a strategy for marketing the restaurants food online is discussed here....


Own your Google Listing and your Yelp page even if you do not believe in the product people do use these search options when looking for a restaurant online.

Many restaurant owners believe that Yelp should be a four letter word but we are not here to have a debate on who likes or dislikes Yelp. The reality is that no matter what that these two restaurant search directories drive online traffic to the restaurants website. To make sure the owner claims their google listing, simply search for the restaurant using Google. Make sure that the "Website" link and the "Menu" link are directing customers to the restaurants website not another companies website. This is also a great opportunity to see where the internet finds articles, directory listing, discounts and contact information for the restaurant

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You get what you get from Yelp directly based on the amount of effort you put into controlling your destiny on Yelp, if you do not want anything to do with Yelp them move on, however if you want to know how to drive traffic to your restaurant then start responding to reviews. Providing great customer service to your customers in the restaurant is just as important online. Be honest in your responses to reviews and include a less is more attitude with the goal that the restaurant wants this person to return to the restaurant. You do not have to respond to all your reviews but read them all because if there is a trend then its probably true.

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