How It Works...

One Tablet for all your online orders

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Your Restaurant Today:

Online Ordering has become extremely complex over the last couple years. It starts at deciding what platforms will work best for your restaurant. Negotiating commissions, menu development, operational protocol, tracking revenue and packing materials. Once you have chosen the right platforms then its time to make sure your streamline your efficiency.

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The Your Fare Platform:

What Your Fare Does is streamline all your different online ordering services like GrubHub and DoorDash into one simple user friendly platform. Our tablet application allows the restaurant to receive all your orders to one device. Our kitchen printer powered by Star Micronics blue tooth technology allows all orders to be printed directly into the kitchen. 

One Dashboard to track all your revenue

Reconcile Daily revenue

The Your Fare accounting dashboard allows your management staff to reconcile daily revenue. Our team can create customized reporting to fit your needs. 

Track every order

The Accountant can access every order that has been sent to the restaurant in one dashboard. Customer canceled orders or changed orders can be reconciled to track revenue.