How The Platform Works...

Online Ordering has become extremely complex over the last couple years. It starts at deciding what platforms will work best for your restaurant. Negotiating pricing, menu development, operational protocol, do you use fax or email or tablets to receive the orders. Once you have chosen the right platforms then its time to make sure your website and online exposure is optimized. Take a quick look at how we support restaurants.


Online Ordering Companies

pickup or delivery

Today you can choose multiple platforms to serve your restaurants needs, for instance you can still facilitate delivery and never hire a single driver. Every platform provides a unique offering to their clientele and now you have the opportunity to attract those customers to your restaurant.

The On-Boarding Process

Menus, financial information, photography

Do it once and your done. After we have completed a quick 15 minute questionnaire we have the ability to on-board the restaurant to any platform in our network. We have developed partnerships with multiple online ordering companies and only have to collect the information once.


The Online Ordering Button

optimize your website to receive orders

Online Ordering companies provide the service as a revenue share model which can vary between 12% to 30%. Placing an Online Ordering Button on your website allows your customers to order directly from your restaurant with a 0% revenue share.

Monthly Reporting

Tracking each platform

Each platform sends different accounting information on a different day. We will provide an operational solution so at the end of each month you know exactly how much money is being deposited into your account and what TAX you owe to the state board.